Le chalet de Pero-Ximo

C'est la place où on mange des mouches noires avec du ketchup sauvage. Mais ça serait pas drôle si les mouches devenaient géantes et qu'elles voudraient manger parce qu'il faudrait se cacher des mouches et vivre en cachette

03 juillet 2007

La symbiose

Les mouettes, c'est symbiotique avec les marmottes. Parce que entre elles, c'est la symbiose. Elles, c'est les mouettes et les marmottes. En symbiose. Elles sont pas parasites. Elles sont symbiotiques parce que les marmottes creusent. Après, elles ont un tunnel. Les marmottes. Et puis aussi, les mouettes volent. Pas les marmottes. Alors, les soirs d'orage, elles ont peur. Les mouettes. Parce les marmottes, elles sont sous terre. C'est pour ça qu'elles ont pas peur. Des orages. Pas pas peur des prédateurs. Mais aussi, l'orage amene la foudre. Et c'est ça le problème. Les mouettes, en étant en hauteur, elles se font frapper par la foudre. Mais là, c'est la symbiose. Les marmottes laissent les mouettes se cacher dans les tunnels. Au sec. Parce que entre le tunnel et l'orage, il y a de la terre. C'est pour ça qu'on voit pas les mouettes pendant les orages. Soudain, quand le soleil sort, les mouettes volent. Pas les marmottes. Mais elles ont faim. Les marmottes. Elles voient des arbres fruitiers avec des fruits. Mais ellese ne grimpent pas aux arbres. Les marmottes, pas la foudre. Alors, c'est a symbiose. Les mouettes agrippent les marmottes dans leurs serres. Pas les serres des marmottes. Les mouettes les déposent sur des branches d'arbres fruitiers pour manger des fruits. Les marmottes. Mais les mouettes, elles n'ont pas une bonne vue. Alors les marmottes, elles doivent être visibles et facile a attrapper. C'est pour ça que les marmottes se tiennent immobiles au soleil au lieu d'aller se baigner; les mouettes seraient perplexifiées par les reflets qu'elles verraient dans l'eau et elles n'arriveraient pas à attrapper les marmottes

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25 mai 2007

Les polissons

Parfois, on peut parler à des polissons polis. Pas polis par une polisseuse. Polis. Mais aussi, ça existe des polissons pas polis. Et des fois, ils sont polis par la polisseuse et ils sont des polissons polis. Mais on peut aussi parler à des polissons polis polis. Des polissons pas polis polis. Des polissons polis pas polis. Et des fois, c'est des filles. Des polissones polise ou pas polise. Polies, c'est un mot trop snob pour elles. Il faut dire polise. Il y a d'autres fois on voit des polissons polis pas polis polir des poulies. Des poulies pas polies, parce que sinon, les polissons polis les poliraient pas. Les poulies polies, c'est des pour les poules. Les polissons polis pas polis polissent les poulies pas polies à poules. Mais les polissons pas polis polis polissent des poulis polies à poulpe. Il ne faut pas confondre. Sinon, c'est l'anarchie et les polissons auront gagné.

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01 mai 2007

Denjé: synge alebynosse

Dabythude, honpeu ce fiéh ala kouleure déh sinjes. Onreghardd eau louin, éh hon vouat hun murre blan. hou baije. Halor ci-on voua déh cilouaite dhe cinge nouare, hon cé kil sonla. Mè kan on haryv devent dé sinje alebynosse, onvoua leh mure pal, mè hon voy pa lé cilouette éh leh denjé komanse. Parseke once méphi pa. Lé sinje albynausse, y çon pyr ke lé otre parsseque ile veule ce vanjer davouare éthé regeté pare lé otre cinje akose dhe leures diphéransses. Ile çont komme ègri pare la vy. An plusse, lé monst-rhe açinge neh lé vouat patougeour parceke lé monç-tre ah sinje nhe voy pah lah koulleur blench. Ilezon pa léh ieu konssu pourre sa. Halore, lé mure nouare cé danjerreu, mé léh murrh blent, cé bi-in plu trètr.

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13 avril 2007

The Odyssey that the Greeks did not do because we are not Greeks (Part 4)

À lire avec un GROS accent français We wanted to visit of the museum Orange, but the lot of people was still waiting for the place and there was too much people. So we walk in the direction of the Bridge of Alexander the three because it's golden. And the place was fun. after, Myriam relook for the cd, but it was not even if the computer said that one was there. But we buy a cool holographic cd not disponible because it was too soon, so we were happy. Then, we saw a movie with brilliant stones that is good. And we look for a place in a suspect place and we saw the Moulin Red without have preview this. And then, we roll with the subway to the same place but the sad poet was not there. We saw someone with blue shirt under the Menu du jour, so there was no smoke. We kicked the pigeons by throwing them the empty bottle of wine on their wings. The taxi was findable and took a new road to go to the hotel. We filled the baggages the tomorrow and the Mister said he would keep that in a room. We found the McDo because the street was dead on the God-Day and the market was ugly so we found an other market to buy the wine that is not in the SAQ. We kicked again the pigeons. After, the Mister awoke to make us let our bottles to be in the baggages. Then, with nothin to do, we go to the boat-fly that swims all around. The guide was speaking two languages and started to yell: "Yeeeeaaarrr!" to afraid the friends of Henri on the bridge. The boat continue to swim, but the water attacked us. The pigeons were kicked by the wave. After, to be wet, we change at the hotel to be not wet. We walk to eat at Sarah's restaurant the dessert with coffee. But after, we walk and we had to leave withour baggages in the stairs.

We kicked pigeons with our baggages. Then, ther was the bad machine for the tickets. It wanted money in metal so alexandra wanted to exchange her money in paper with a bad woman but it did not work so she went up the stairs. We rolled in the train. At the train station near the planes, we search for the hotel but we let the bus miss us so we wait with a look to the plane. At the hotel, it occured that I was a unwelcome child zombie. But we close the TV. then we go down for an expensive cold choiceless bad without taste food. Then, we saw a movie with a loquacious boy during our last rave. With the wine and the rave, my photos loofes like debauched. Then, we were in the plane an everything was under us. the food was better and the Labrador looked like frozen rocks. After, we arrive in the snow but Hélène was there for us and we find the car with not a lot of snow. THE END

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31 mars 2007

The Odyssey that the Greeks did not do because we are not Greeks (Part 3)

FÀ lire avec un GROS accent français

We returned near the Moulin Red, but it rained and during the smoking of Alexandra and Myriam, someone with the drug in his face want us to go at his mega teuf so we could hear the drum and bass, so we can find a mec and kiff at maximum.  But Alexandra did not know the music and the man was like trying to speak spanish.  "Chinese! Chinese! Chinese!"  screamed Alex with the fun that the by is stupid and after she was laughing in his face but he was drugged.  So we decide to go kiff at another place. We returned to the demolished prison that is not findable because it's not there to become a bridge.  We made a trick to the pigeons.  We took tessons and put the bread on it and the pigeons wanting to eat were kicked by the tesson.  the Kiki the True laughed at them and participated to our rave. In the around of the place, we returned to the place Myriam was questionning the singer.  Near of us, there was an alive ghost of the sad poet suffering with elegance in the smoke behind his book.  But also a blond man and we had wine to eat the cheese.  In the parking of the place, the bird is not crazy.  It goes in the parking and eat the patates frites.  Birds eat worms.  Worms taste like patates frites.  So, we put patates frites on tessons to kick the pigeons again.  When the wine was gone, we were walking to be in a taxi, that we succeed.  The hotel was pigeon-free and we sleep and the tomorrow we sleep more late than normal with looking to the TV.  It was half-english, half-french and half-german with Legos.   We took the Monoprix sandwich with a bag and walked to see the place with chocolate.  But the address was forgotten, so we walked somewhere else that it is look good and where we see the greek-looking Pantheon, even if we were not in a museum.  After, the pigeons were kicked agressivly by a big column of the Pantheon.  But everything was for sale next to the schools and we saw the chocolate place we were not looking for it.  And the wine cheap also.

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18 mars 2007

The Odyssey that the Greeks did not do because we are not Greeks (Part 2)

À lire avec un GROS accent français After, the pigeons were kicked.  And the Italians were unleashed in the streets and go in the same museum that we were going to.  The statue were still also greek-looking, but Proust was looking at us and the trains was disappeared but not the clock we had make picture of it.  Then, we were in the garden, eating with a look to the people a lot there not far.  The sky was sunny so our eyes were closed to see around.  The Champs Élysées were unclosed to the lot of people in the place and Walt Disney was there with the toys.  The pigeons were kicked, but not by all the people and nobody was kicked by the pigeons so the bread is solid.  Then, the Kiki the True were all there with the costumes and the no-costumes but not all the same size to all the Kikis.  After, it was like a brother to the ourson that is a Kiki older.  The sleep was there because of the early train for the castle that is to be visited.   Then, we go to Javel to change the train but drink no water of Javel.  The castle was luxuous with decoration.  We were obligated to ear the explanations to understand, but the plants were not yet totally alive now.  The frog aroud the water was changing into a man, or the contrary but before, we saw birds in the water.  But the pigeons were not able to swim, so they died.  The others birds liked the bread with no rocks.   Then, the train was rolling to Paris and we saw the God was in the Towers of the church with his eyes that are there but we could ear Notre-Dame singing by the voice of God that is in the towers.  The pigeons were kicked again.  Mr. Jones was absent.  Then, Disneyland was there.   We drank coffee.  After, Disneyland was gone.  God was always there to see us.  Then, the pigeon's head was kicked by the bottle Myriam was holding.  We walk near an igloo that was hot.  After, we went to a place full of nothing.  The man who was playing with the fire was doing nothing so it rained.  But the Kiki was still in the hotel and the Mister in the hotel was still jocking for the key.

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The Odyssey that the Greeks did not do because we are not Greeks (Part 1)

A lire avec un GROS accent français At the beginning, the cars we see that was rolling around the bus were not as normal as our cars.  And after, there was the scientific women that was missing near the baggages.  So, we took the baggages and the pigeons were not sleeping because of the sun that is in the sky during the morning.  And we roll on the train to Paris. In the steps, we did not like that.  But the man of the hotel said to us that we can go up with the ascensor.  It was pink in the room with flowers but little and cute for the girls that are not the boys who don't like the pink but the boys are not there, as the pigeons in the room. We march in the streets of Paris with the face to be happy to see around.  The pigeons started to be more there.  The night made us to be in the bed. But after that, the sun was returning on Paris and the pigeons were there.  In the noon time, we were sitted and Myriam made questions to know about the singer that like the music.  So we climb the steps of the subway, but we were lot liking it to climb the steps.  We march in the streets that have rocks to construct them and there was a house with a look of a rabbit painted.  The people were trying to trap us with a tiny rope but they were not can to put it on our hands when we say no.  The pigeon evitate to be kicked with quickness and ruse.  After we see the Arch, we saw an accident before.  Then, we were to go walking in the Champs Élysées almost closed.  But also, Myriam was followed by an insistant boy but Alexandra kicked him with words in her mouth opened.  The pigeons were not there.  The museum was the tomorrow, so at the hotel we go in the room and make a rave. In the museum, it was impressive in around us and the statues were greek-looking but also the french.  And paintings also too.  But Jesus was also there to make us to see the angels that are in the clouds.  The foot of us tired, we sit and walk to eat at the invitation we have at the restaurant.  The snails were in the butter looking green that is good.  Then, we went outside to find somewhere else, but we were english people, so we had olives but Myriam had red hairs. It is not because of the place she went from.

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16 février 2007

L'attaque sournoise des singes

Les loups Étirent le cou,                      regardent au loin Au cas ou                               les singes malins               voudraient préparer un mauvais coup.              Ils prennent leur bain     les yeux fixés                            sur le mur noir. Tout à coup,                         Ils ont faim                          Ils veulent manger                 du pain avec des poires Ils enlèvent les cailloux  du pain.                                 Pendant qu'ils sont occupés Les singes fous                     étendent leurs mains      Puis leurs pieds Sur le cou des loups          Qui se débattent en vain.  Les singes sont entrés Les pauvres loups!            Ils se font voler leurs connaissances sur les pains Ils attrapent des poux Et vont vivre dans des igloos. Hiboux, Choux, Genoux, Hiboux, Cailloux, Poux, Hiboux, Bijoux, Hiboux

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